that there well be no more goths blacks jews and we can all just smoke pot thow the frisbie around and play some hacky sack
alllllll dayyyyy long
by ishotjohnlennon January 14, 2005
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that hot girl who has hair in all the wrong places.
Stephanie was pretty but she was just the gorilla my dreams.
by Malazoth November 1, 2013
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colloquialism, verb.
The occurrence of another party reminding one of a dream which had occurred previously.
Person 1: I have conjunctivitis
Person 2: You just broke my dream about Zombies!
by SD Monkey February 2, 2011
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The one girl in which you'd do anything just to be with her. The girl in which you'd never think of cheating on. The one girl in which you'd do nothing to harm her or let her be harmed, . Someone, in your eyes, looks like an angel who came down from Heaven.
Ted: Whoa, there she is, Emily Maxwell. (glazed look in his eyes).

Jay: What's so special about her?

Ted: What's not special about her? She's the Girl Of My Dreams, the one I would do anything just to be with her. I would never dream of cheating on her. Emily looks like an angel that came down from Heaven.

Jay: That's deep bro.
by dreamer_man June 20, 2011
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A woman who has the beliefs, habits, personality, career, and aspirations that you do; or, at least doesn't go against your beliefs, habits, personality etc. A woman who can make you happy as a man and be a blast to be around.
I met a woman at a party last night. She was the woman of my dreams and I can't wait to meet her again.
by Bellaisa Filippis October 22, 2013
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The man of my dreams meaning when we are dreaming someone that a men Who is very low-key good looking, charming and handsome
For example of the man of my dreams

A girl see a men was walk through the of beach with amazing eyes, gorgeous hair, greatest Body, and He winks smile at you and you don’t know what you reacting to having crush and falling in love
by Miss Phoenix July 11, 2020
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