When someone goes crazy on IRC and threatens to kill/harm another person as a result of an argument.
You hear that Sally wanted to kill Bob last night?
Yeah, she really went Segmental.
by runelind May 1, 2006
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When you don't exactly know what you're saying to executives so you decide to just conjure up some bullshit...
Exec: How is the IVR performing?
Employee: Oh, its working just fine. All of the processes are segmentating as they should be.
by leche82 November 16, 2017
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v. the end-result of compiling and causing execution of faulty code that declares wordJihad/word against sections of memory where it is not bound to. Often results in a wordCore Dump/word.
20:52:05hc@builder:~$ uname -a
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
by hc May 3, 2003
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An external secant segment is an obscure math term that sounds like you're describing a retarded piece of shit. Call someone this if they're being extremely fake and gay
External secant segment: 🅱️eter

retard: shut up secant
by external secant segment November 4, 2018
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a line segment with cat ears and whiskers
guy 1:"quick help me study the vocab for the math quiz."

guy 2:"ok whats a feline segment?"

guy 1:" uhh i forgot that one."

guy 2:" ok then what's a line segment?"
by pete eats meat January 20, 2010
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A polite way of saying the phrase, "pussywhipped piece of shit motherfucker.
This blender is a real feline flagellated segment of a fece female parent inseminator -- the little fucker can't even make a stupid margarita and always reeks like burned wires!
by Telephony October 10, 2016
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