if u like men u like men
Bill- honey i think i like men

bills woman- o ok me too lol

bill- *starts watching hardcore gay porn*
by chad gigga March 17, 2022
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dave: hey do you like men?

jerry: yeah, i like men!
by kkonzu March 2, 2022
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i like men
hairy men
hott men
hayden box
i like men

HAyden box is what i mean
by Rickbitdhd November 17, 2021
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I like men
Cameron Leishman always says I like men
by Champaroo February 15, 2019
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When a man likes to hang out with other men and participate in manly events such as drinking, fishing, baseball, or any other 'manly' or male bonding event. It should never be confused with 'loving men', which is just 100% gay. It is only used to represent the fact that one man enjoys the company of other men in certain situations, keeping all shopping, make-up, period, and baby conversations a big no-no.
It kinda sucks that we couldn't get any girls to this camping party. Then again, I like men, so it's not so bad.

The new hot girl won't go out to lunch with us to the new burrito place? That sucks, but thank god I like men.
by brettuthius April 25, 2008
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a response to inconsiderate boy catcalling women, meant to confuse the catcaller and discourage them to catcall again
boy: *whistles*
woman: i like my men skinned sorry
boy: *confused because their pea brain can’t process anything other than praise*
by *laughs manically* October 13, 2020
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