Dude, she was fat I fucked her back flab.
by lem December 16, 2002
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Ewww look at her flab!
by DizzyLizzy December 24, 2006
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flab is an acronym for "fucking lazy ass bitch".
after six months of marriage cindy turned out to be the queen of flab.
by tellitizaman September 5, 2010
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an acronym for:
Fucking Lame Ass Bastard

Coined by "Butch"
You're a flab

Get that Flab away from me
by spary winsor April 23, 2005
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Noun: Butter. Commonly dispensed by tearing off one end of the paper and spreading your flab on toast like a prit-stik
Pass the flab please.
by ukspindoctor September 26, 2006
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A square-like flap around the crotchial area. Has ten holes going along the front edge of the flap. Able to have sex with both genders. Usually found on he-shes.
Hi i have a flab cause im cool like dat
by iamcool1234567890 March 1, 2010
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When your walking and someones piece of fat most times arm fat slaps you in the face you have been FLABBED!
Person who got flabbed: Ouch!! That person just flabbed me right in the face!

Person who got flabbed friend: OOF that must of really hurt!
by OKURNESSEABJ May 4, 2019
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