a gramatical tool that denotes a collaboration of the
feelings of two people that are in every way possible,
completely identical.
You know that I wish I could see you right now
cause I love you so deeply? I think we work so
well together as a team and Im so glad that
were together now.

me too™
by Zachary Shamir February 9, 2007
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something you say to mean that you are also in the same situation....

can be used for comical, or annoyance purposes
i have to go to the gynocologyst

....me tooo

shut up u queer
by headhighbliss April 16, 2007
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A honda civic. Is derived from the fact that almost everybody in the world has a civic.
Person 1: I have a civic
Person 2: Really? Me too

Hey man, check out my me too.
by zer01 February 2, 2004
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A phrase you say when you don't know what else to say (only used when talking to thots)
"Hey am I sucking your ass tonight" , "Me too"
by What's for dinner? Me too..... December 1, 2014
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A sickly inspired term for a movement which is intentionally inclusive to the act of being raped as to unite all women into victims then lesbians and all men into violent offenders and then gay sex. No one knows who first thought to encourage youth to ask to be included among the ranks of the raped, but perhaps it was a natural response to parents who were awarded civil compensation from the esteemed at the cost of the child and the esteemed innocence.
"Mother: Thank goodness Me Too is around, otherwise no one would be aware that some women are sexually harmed by males, and I wouldn't have been able to take all this money!"
"Young daughter: Me too, me too!"
"Mother: "That's right sweetheart, me too. Me Too is what gave us the food you eat, and all the clothes you wear."
"Young Daughter: ("Someone raped my mother, and I want to be just like her")
by FaqBasher January 12, 2022
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colloquial slang term for a redneck -- specifically a southern redneck -- or shitkicker. This term was coined because so many rednecks incessantly say "me too, man" in a heavy southern drawl, as a retort to almost anything.
Shit, they gave them mexican brick-layers a raise and I was like me-too man.
by Mick Fly July 20, 2006
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A word used to get an annoying or rather unwanted situation to go away.
"Ashley- Hi Kaitlin Did you know that Koalas eat their moms poop in order to build amunity to Ecalyptus leaves? Kaitlin-uummm ME TOO! Ashley-........"
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