Common name employed by forensic experts for the ultraviolet lamps used to spot semen stains on fabric.
Pass me the lewinsky, Scully... this sure looks like extraterrestrial spunk
by Hugh G Rection September 16, 2003
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1.) A walking humidor
2.) A knob-gobbling
3.) A patch of protein wordsmegged/word onto an article of clothing.
4.) A knob gobbler
1.) I put a box of my cubans in a Lewinsky.
2.) Your dad gives the best Lewinskys.
3.) Damn, sorry I Lewinskyed all over your face and dress.
4.) I was smoking a cigar from my Lewinsky while Lewinsky Lewinskyd me, and I accidentally Lewinskyd all over her.
by Ya motha's ass September 11, 2003
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In golf, a term used on the green when a putted ball circles (lips) the hole and fails to fall in.
Oh, sorry Bill, you got a lewinsky...all lips and no hole.
by Lynski August 13, 2007
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A verb meaning to commit adultery, after Bill Clinton's 1998 scandalous affair with an 18-year-old White House intern.
She caught her husband in the act of lewinskying last night.
by GuidoPosse69 March 1, 2005
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