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A hot, awesome girl with a beautiful body and mind. One of those girls who guys only dream about but never hope to find in reality.
Damn, look at the hot ass on that Deepika!
by Diddy December 14, 2004

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a blowjob
I got your girlfriend to give me some lewinskw
by Diddy October 10, 2002

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refer to cock smack To smack someone, preferably a female, with your dick against their face.
This chick was acting up, and frontin on some brains, so i dick smacked her.
by Diddy August 14, 2004

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It is used to show you are annoyed. You say it when you're p***ed off. Generally used in Scotland.
"Christ, did you hear siobhan on saturday? she was doing ma box in!"
by Diddy October 02, 2004

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A person named rob who is fucking stupid.
Wholly shit, he's counting with his fingers, that kid is robtarted.

Did he just say that robtarted shit, what a fucking moron.

Not only does he have two different colored eyes, but hes robtarted too.
by diddy January 30, 2005

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wiping in the floor with someone, as in kicked there ass
i just mop & glo'd that tron
by diddy March 08, 2004

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The light reflecting off of ones jewlery.
See Ice
Son yo chain is like lightning right now.
by Diddy April 11, 2005

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