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Endearing term for cocksucker, fellatrix or suck slut
Later, dude. Here comes my favorite knob gobbler.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
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Someone who performs the act of fellatio (oral sex on a man). A penis can be referred to as a 'knob'
That fuckin' knobgobbler wanted to go down on me!
by Nathan July 20, 2004
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A person who enjoys sucking cock so much, that they truly go overboard.
By "overboard" I mean slobbering all over the cock (or drool dripping onto it), as well using their teeth (or gums if no teeth) to munch and knaw on the head. This knob gobbling technique is usually performed by women (or men for that matter) who have not had a cock to suck on for quite a while, or a prostitue who is being paid to suck the cock in this type of fashion (commonly found with no teeth).
"gee-whiz, that prostitute was a fabulous knob gobbler: she salivated all over my cock and gave a great gumjob while she was at it"
by Bossplaya February 15, 2005
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Usually a person who just loves to go out on the weekend, or even during the week sometimes, and just suck a dick. Peferably should be a female but if a male hes a super Knob Gobbler.
Dantrell "dude did you see darnisa this weekend?"

You "nope, but i heard she was off being a Knob Gobbler again at a party."
by Tspur99 May 20, 2010
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(tech jargon masc. fem.) 1) Describing a person that is a real suck up, i.e., ass kisser, brown noser, or a person that a real jerk/jill off. 2) Tech. term used to describe a politician that will do anything to get a person's vote.
e.g. John is aways goodie goodie with the Boss. That motherfucker is a real grade A knob gobbler.
e.g. Fred's running for president, and he says he will not raise taxes. He's running his campaign on blow job money. I hear he's a traditional knob gobbler, in the biblical sense.
by Roland_07 September 07, 2007
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