The most famous cocksucker in the world, next to Jenna Jameson.
Monica Lewinski blew the president's knob.
by Smiling Mountain February 29, 2008
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In golf, " a Lewinsky"
"Monica Lewinsky"
This is when putting to the cup, the ball runs around the edge of the cup and does not go into the hole.
A "Monica Lewsinsky" all lip and no hole
Or simply a "Lewinsky"
by Swansea-jackacer September 16, 2009
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Should be Monica Blowinski
Monica lewinski come over here and give me a blowinski
by kalimazoo December 10, 2006
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Also known as "Lewinsky"

1. Anyone thoroughly educated in human oral hygene

2. An industrial suction cup (sucking something with a lot of power) ... 'cos like, Clinton had a lot of powe... nevermind
Oh man, I'm still raw - she gave me a proper Lewinsky ...
by Wu Dark March 30, 2004
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a female intern who parades around the Washington D.C. area wearing broken eye glasses (only one leg).
Nathalie: "My glasses broke! They now only have one leg!"
Gaby: "How are you going to do your internship in D.C.? You're almost blind!
Nathalie: "I guess I just have to man up and do it."
Gaby: "Alright, Monacle Lewinsky!"
by gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa April 14, 2011
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