A married person sleeping with somebody other then their SO, whether or not the other partner knows about it.
Sleeping with a married couple is adultery on the part of all three people.
by Loki April 11, 2002
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Adultery is behaving like an adult in a primal sense.
Some consider adultery as a potentially dishonest sexual act, and use verbs such as commit. ie She committed adultery. Some consider adultery in the same sense as a greeting or a handshake, and simply behaving like an adult. Hence the word ADULTery.
by Newfie blogger December 26, 2018
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The ultimate act of betrayal and dishonesty against your spouse by sleeping with someone else or as they say "parking your car in another woman's garage."

As wrong as adultery is, its primary cause is one of the married partners not reciving something they need emoptionally or physically from their spouse.
Adultery is wrong, wrong, wrong with a capital-W!
by krock1dk@yahoo.com March 16, 2008
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chat rooms are known for harboring married people looking
for sex on the side. Generally, the single babe or guy has no problems with fucking a married person since if they are in chat rooms - both are losers.
Hi: my name is marshall
Hi: my name is robin
hi robin, can I come over and ass fuck you.
sure you can - I love married cock and adultery is just temporary love.
by smarty pants1130 March 15, 2006
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the way to hint at a need for more sexual excitement in a serious relationship
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
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When a woman cheats on a man that she is in a relationship with. Men never cheat though, they only make new "friends"
I came home one day to find my wife with another man. She said it was payback for me cheating. I said i just made a new friend and she is the adulterer. So she committed adultery
by jcast287 March 5, 2009
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God committed adultery as evidenced by the birth of Jesus. He thus violated his own commandment. Bastard.

by mootpoint August 17, 2006
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