19 definitions by bill clinton

Bob Sheppard, london ontario, the coolest mother fucker I have ever met.

His girlfriend Alicia is smoking hot, and quick as a whip.

He shits real big and kicks even bigger ass. His breath smells like filet mignon and his kitty cat is really really fat.
Sh3p is the dopest cat on da blizzy yo.
by bill clinton April 25, 2004
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SailorSenshiWriter of the IRC community.
SSW's gonna be so pissed when she sees Mailbox in the banner. XD
by bill clinton March 5, 2004
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Names masturbaters name their hand
1.Gripney Spears
2.Christina Jackalera
3.Cumin Elektra
4.The Pullsome Twins
5.Palmala Anderson
6.Courtney Cocks
7.Jenutfer Lopez
8.Janet Jerkson
9.Brianna Bangs
10.Jerksica Simpson
Ahh... cumin...ahh. elektra yeah!!!!!
by bill clinton February 16, 2005
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Plays HNS for 2 months straight. Often is heard yelling "DEFAULT!" at people because they feel they won even though it could be as simple as ordering a pizza over the phone.

Man, you sound like a runner.
by bill clinton April 9, 2003
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A man with a very large set of genitals.
His name is usually Wayne. He gets all the bitches and the hoes.
That Sak is really built like a horse.
by bill clinton October 29, 2003
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