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a man who lied about cheating on his wife
i did not have sexual relations with monica louinski
by Bill Clinton July 30, 2003

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A cigar holder
I need to put my cigar in lewinsky
by bill clinton June 02, 2003

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what you say when you get caught bangin' your biatches best friend.
by bill clinton July 25, 2003

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A white kid who tries to black. See Eminem
Wigger 1:Yo, wut up muh niggaz we goin ta see Em?
Wigger 2: Aww, no doubt! It's gonna be off da hook!
Me: Shut the fuck up wiggers.
by bill clinton December 22, 2003

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after performing the coyote to get away from a nasty woman (chewing off your arm so as not to awaken her) you have to chew off your other arm so that she won't immediately recognize you.
by bill clinton November 07, 2003

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A crooked penis, shaped like a banana.
Name derived from boomerang and wang
Monica: Bill is that a boomawang?!?!
by Bill Clinton May 04, 2004

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derived from 'fucker what'

if some foo' cuts you off on the I95
'fakawat' would be suitable exclaimation.
by bill clinton July 25, 2003

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