66 definitions by Hugh G Rection

The only cereal brand that includes dingleberries. Captain Crunch All-Bran With Dingleberries is very rare and seldom to be found. This is because dingleberries are seasonal (they are more abundant during the hot summer months) and handpicked.
by Hugh G Rection March 23, 2005
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What you get around your lips, and sometimes on your face, after eating way too much hair pie
I ate Donna's wookie patch for two hours, and i got carpet burn on my face!
by Hugh G Rection January 03, 2006
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A schlong is just another dork, wang or johnson.
It ain't particularly large; the impression it is so is cleverly conveyed by the *long* bit that sticks out of its rear end.
Laura: HAHAHAHAHA! Its so funny that schlong sounds large becuz it has something long stuck in!
Mike: Shut up bitch and spread those cheeks.
by Hugh G Rection February 18, 2005
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1) Enlisted Navy servicemen.
2) Whom am I trying to fool? It's actually a clever way of saying semen, cum, jizz, jism, man milk, spunk, cream.
What is big and black and is full of seamen?... A submarine!
Donna enlisted in the Navy and now she likes seamen even more!
by Hugh G Rection August 02, 2006
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A means of using your gender as a female to get money from rich and powerful males.
Bill Riley asked me how I was doing today, so I sued him for 9 large for sexual harassment !!! Pretty sweet huh?
by Hugh G Rection April 20, 2017
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One way to call your balls in Spanish.
Its use is not advised in polite company.
Caress my tolongas while you blow me, Lupe!
My tolongas hang so low that I often trip over them.
by Hugh G Rection February 24, 2006
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The act of receiving a rim job while concurrently taking a dump and receiving a handjob.
Man I got this rusty blumpkin last night, aboslutely filled this chicks mouth with crap.
by Hugh G Rection April 08, 2005
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