65 definitions by Hugh G Rection

A means of using your gender as a female to get money from rich and powerful males.
Bill Riley asked me how I was doing today, so I sued him for 9 large for sexual harassment !!! Pretty sweet huh?
by Hugh G Rection April 20, 2017
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A weird little convoluted turd. Very hard to accomplish.
Hey, look kids! I plopped a shitzel!
by Hugh G Rection September 20, 2003
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One of the 10 worst movies in History.
I realized that Olivia's ass was way too flat.
by Hugh G Rection January 22, 2005
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a cock so large it drags on the floor like a mop.
bend down and say hi to Mr. Mopwanger
by Hugh G Rection November 27, 2003
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What you get around your lips, and sometimes on your face, after eating way too much hair pie
I ate Donna's wookie patch for two hours, and i got carpet burn on my face!
by Hugh G Rection January 3, 2006
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Those who think that the good ol' Daisy Cutter is a fuel-air bomb are full of camel shit.
This girl is a BLU-82B 15,000-pound conventional bomb, looks like an oversize boiler and is delivered from a C-130.
It doesnt detonate a cloud of vapor at altitude, and it doesn't suck the air outta your lungs... it just explodes big time.
Its lethal range is reported to be 300-900 feet (the guy who says 3 miles has been drinking his bathwater again).
It was originally used in Nam to clear jungle patches for landing zones and stuff.
Nowadays it's mainly appreciated for its shit-in-your pants effect.
Let's drop a Daisy Cutter on Charlie today! Yes sir! Great sir! May I watch sir?
Your sister reminds me of a Daisy Cutter
by Hugh G Rection February 25, 2006
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1. According to Wikipedia, a cockade is "a knot of ribbons, or other circular- or oval-shaped symbol of distinctive colours which is usually worn on a hat."
2. A funkier definition is a special lemonade, prepared as follows:
a. Water (carbonated for the more adventurous)
b. Sugar
c. Squeezed lemon juice
d. Stir with your cock
e. Ice (stirring iced water with yor cock is not advised)
f. Don´t forget to fish out the pubes
g. If you cum in the lemonade its called a "marbled cockade"
1. Cockades were worn in men´s hats in centuries past to advertise their political sympathies or for sides identification in battle.
2. Hey girls! I made some cockade!... I´m having a beer myself...
by Hugh G Rection August 22, 2007
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