What REAL men puff. That...and a pipe.
Smoke your cockarette, and look like a poor-ass. Wh' m' pi' gon'?
by Gumba Gumba April 7, 2004
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object bill clinton used to penetrate monica lewinski. he later proceeded to smoke it.
she totally got cigarred in the oval office!
by Darly Shelab April 5, 2009
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Sometimes, only a cigar.
Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar.--Freud
by Buce July 31, 2005
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If you put a lollipop in your mouth and smoke was coming from the other end, that is a cigar. Best thing in the world to build up your immune system.
Light me up cigar, I'm craving some good medicine.
by Hermie Greenleaf February 14, 2008
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What cigarette smokers don't know they're missing. Try Phillies Titan cigars.
mmmmmmm, cigar, tastes like candy
by SLAYtanic February 13, 2005
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a slang word for a thick, long, cigar shaped turd or fecal matter
My dog left a cigar on the floor of my mom's room.
by jizzhooligans September 14, 2006
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Something that kills you faster than a cigarette.
A cigar everyday and your health goes away.
by notAmerican August 5, 2005
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