1. An excuse used by desperate right-wing politicians to undershadow the fact that even a political moderate has been proven to be far better for the economy and most social and environmental issues than any conservative president before or after.
2. A blow job.
3. A media whore.
1. Wow, John Kerry is up in the polls because he's exponentially more intelligent than our piece-of-shit candidate? We need a Lewinsky! Call the swift boat vets!
2. Your mom gave me a nice Lewinsky last night.
3. Paris Hilton is such a Lewinsky...
by Andy November 29, 2004
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hello cutie, < 1 hour later> ohh ohh yea im pregnant now! time for abortion. keep lewinskying me
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(noun) a dried cum stain on an article of clothing.
I knew Thor had spent the last half hour in his office looking at internet porn on company time becuase when He came out for lunch He had a Lewinsky on his Dockers.
by Marty Fahkeuse December 25, 2002
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A slang term meaning "knee pads". Lewinskies are very useful when giving multiple blowjobs, one right after another.
Janie: How was the party last night?

Stephanie: OMG it was GREAT! I probably sucked off 15 guys. Good thing I was wearing my Lewinskies, otherwise I don't think I could walk today.
by Steph M. October 8, 2007
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A blow job. Named after Monica Lewinski, who was invoved in the Bill Clinton sex scandal.
by kingbert July 1, 2013
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To give head/brain/dome.
To suck one's madhood.
"She got DSL, she give good Lewinski"
"Bro I got the best Lewinski last night!"
"She's a ho, she give Lewinski for nickels."
by Southside4Lifee September 3, 2008
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