A different creature from another planet like an alien usually named Aquene,Sato,Aeris, and Bailey!
Aquene and Sato are Extraterrestrial so are Aeris and Bailey
by Cupcake:3 November 27, 2013
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The extraterrestrial is performed by deliberately (in some cases, nondeliberately) taking a shit on a toilet seat. This may be performed either as an act of revenge or a practical joke.
That asshole definitely stole my Kindergarden Cop dvd so I'm totally gonna perform the extraterrestrial in his bathroom.
by Dennis T. June 24, 2010
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Next level. So mind-blowingly, extraordinarily out-of-this-world impressive that everything earthly is now mundane.
The Bugatti Chiron is flat out extraterrestrial.

Chad fucks like an extraterrestrial.

There had to be something extraterrestrial in those moonrocks.

nocap I was woke like an extraterrestrial after taking nzt48
by Airone April 26, 2019
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Sexual activity between a human and an extraterrestrial being. To include intercourse, masturbation, cunnilingus, frottage (rubbing), anal penetration, or having ones genitals licked by an alien or vice versa.
It was totally extraterrestriality when Katy Perry had sex with that albino black guy at the end of the "E.T." video
by SpaceBalls69 October 24, 2011
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Extraterrestrialism is an ideology that supports that extraterrestrials are friends of humans and that humans should prepare themselves for be integrated to the other extraterrestrial species. Extraterrestrialism also supports massive research for extraterrestrials and the evolution into an extraterrestrial civilization as well, despite extraterrestrialism also supports that humans are also extraterrestrials and aliens somehow. Extraterrestrialism also believes that all extraterrestrial lifeforms are equal and that they should cooperate between each other.
"Extraterrestrialism is well known by support the integration of humanity into other extraterrestrial species and even the support that humans are extraterrestrials somehow."
by Full Monteirism June 28, 2021
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