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Lying next to each other. Just lay on your back..parralell. Oh the innocence.
Knifing : lay paralell to some one.
Spooning : (type in spooning)
Forking : in relation to fucking.

We have a whole dictionary of sleep with the use of untensils.
by LanaT-x March 26, 2007
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Ferocious fingering of gushing cunt in the standard knifing motion. hand must be bladed to carry out act effectively.

This is usually performed after spooning and before forking!!
We was spooning for ages, so when we finally got round to knifing I did eviscerate the poor girl with my bladed hand.
by Ayoung18 May 28, 2012
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In the gaming community, using any melee weapon that has a blade to kill or eliminate foes.
Corrupt Flame is the best at knifing

Using an energy sword in the Halo series is considered knifing by some.

Black ops knifing is too easy.

Blades of the Divine is the best knifing clan out there.
by Tommy12 October 03, 2012
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when u killl someone in CS using nothing but a knife against their highpowered projectile dispersers (guns for the morons)
"how was CS?" "man, I got hecka knifings last night!"
by don't worry December 05, 2002
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Verb. The act of aggressively banging a girl to the point of vaginal bleeding.
Bro1: Yo d'you spoon that girl last night?!
Bro2: Yeah man everyone knows spooning leads to forking...
Bro1: But did you also know that forking leads to knifing?!
Bro2: Whoaaaa
by bonzaitree February 03, 2015
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Verb. To lay next to another person and spoon them aggressively.
Fred spooned his boyfriend Frank so aggressively somebody had to call the cops. Fred was charged with knifing Frank. Fred spent most of his time in prison knifing others. He also did some macrame.
by man walking dog May 25, 2011
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Verb political
When a political party removes the sitting Democratic elected leader by a coup rather then by the vote of the people.
The knifing then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2010 by the labor party shocked Australia.
via giphy
by CrazyAussieGeek December 09, 2017
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