Someone who talks endlessly about stupid things.
You just saw the most amazing, smack-tacular installment of "WWE Survivor Series" last night. You're in the middle of telling your friend Ingrid about Chris Jericho's booty-pummeling killer moves when she goes, "Dude, stop being a blade."
by kite-a-lynn September 22, 2007
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the term used for a girl who a male may find sexually attractive and is used by the males friends when they do not know the name of said girl.
did you ride a blade last night? aw hai, i did aye
by skiddy123 May 17, 2016
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Bladee is the CEO of rap group DrainGang (ShieldGang, GravityBoys). He is a rapper from Sweden. His music will take you to the 6th dimension.
"I've been listening to a lot of Bladee lately."
"Wow. So you're a drainer now?"
by CHEHN March 16, 2019
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A place where prostitutes stand or walk waiting to get picked up

The location where thots are made A tricks primary pick up and drop location
There is never a dry day on the blade then yoy looking for thots
by Chris247k February 06, 2017
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v. To be utterly humiliated by a compatriot; to be betrayed.
Hey Meredith, don't you know what bladed is? It's when you get stabbed in the back, oh bladed!
-Dan the Man
by Dan the Man January 22, 2005
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A blade blade is a friend who commits to a relationship no matter what and doesn't call any one else there blade blade only you
Hey blade blade!!
by coolgurl.may January 20, 2017
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