as baked as Ngreet when he’s fully squeaked.
by yeahgan December 4, 2017
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High on weed; called 'greeted' cause the word 'hi' is a greeting.
"Man, you greeted ain't you?"
by M. F. June 21, 2006
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N/E scottish, verb for cry.
dinna ye greet er i´ll slap yer airse!!
át bam´s aye greetin´ like a bairn!
by bamstick August 31, 2005
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Used by many beings, including aliens and abnormal people. Used to say hello, while confusing the other person, normally into silence.

-and you are?
by Dragon MkII July 24, 2004
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"Aye, you were fair bawling and greeting like a wee bairn"

"Aww, I wiz almost greetin when Lassie died."
by anna apple October 12, 2003
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A person gives a classical greeting to a hip crowd to be funny.
Greetings Bretheren what up with thee.
by Sun Rhythms October 14, 2004
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