The invention is a device that helps u get really high when smoking a joint. Essentially the invention traps the smoke off of the cherry of the joint then after your hit of the joint u inhale the smoke you trapped. It was invented by Wyatt but now he no longer uses his invention because he says its N A S T y
Dude passs me the invention my hit is up you curly haired fuck
by megaputter February 16, 2011
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come up with
For example Ford was done walking and horse riding so he invented the model T
by BrownBomber915 November 26, 2015
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not to be confused with, and the exact opposite of, to discover.
you use the 7 I's of Steve Jobs to invent something new and intelligent; to discover is to invent a new use for a concept that someone else has invented (or one that has existed in nature pre-humanity)
by sexydimma May 25, 2015
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To make something popular, or a trend.

Opposed to the literal definition of invent, to claim that one invented something means they endorsed said thing to it's popularity.
"I invented the piano-key necktie. I INVENTED IT!"
Paris Hilton invented the rat-dog in purse fad.
by sanktulo December 31, 2017
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1. n, An invention that has not yet been invented.
2. n, an invention that is still an idea
Leonardo da Vinci drew many inventations of submarines and helicopters but never built them.
by T-Bonez March 28, 2006
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Pronunciation: \in-'ven(t)-i-tes\

Function: noun

1. the extreme longing to invent something; most often a new word.

2. inflammation of an invention.
"I got a bad case of inventitis, i wish i could be like the guy that invented the pet rock."
by Fistpump1 September 14, 2009
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