It is exactly like cuddling but the big spoon is pressing his boner into the little spoon till it turns into more than cuddling.
Do you wanna cuddle then maybe get to forking?
by bigmouthedcurry April 5, 2015
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A sexual act in which a man enters a woman from behind. The woman lies down on her stomach with her legs spread (knee joints straight) and the man enters her with a straight body such that the “fork” that is formed consists of the woman’s legs on the sides and the man’s legs in between.
by Anonymous009 January 16, 2006
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After spooning for quite some time, ellen and ammon
started forking all night long; resulting in morning o's.
by Tiffs March 4, 2008
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the act of spooning, just with more penetration
i don't like all of spooning, but forking is awesome.
by echo specter April 13, 2011
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sticking forks into someone's yard - usually forms words or pictures
-yard grafitti
can be used to laugh at a friend or to piss off an enemy
"We were bored last night, so we forked my ex-boyfriend"
by s9xss23h86q5 August 15, 2004
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1. sexual intercourse, especially missionary or anal sex. Coined as the likely consequence of spooning.

2. sticking plastic dinner forks into someone's yard in the dead of night, similar to teepeeing or hotdogging.
1. while Jordan imagined he and Julia's spooning turning into forking, he found himself sporking her, and hastily switched to knifing.

2. Jordan had to run from Julia's angry dad when he was spotted forking their manicured front lawn.
by Jezloop August 24, 2008
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