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‘I’m tired’ is a phrase that you have most certainly used at least once. ‘I’m tired’ is the universal excuse for anything you do since it doesn’t reveal how you feel in intricacy but is still the truth.
(Side note, you’re probably Guy 2)

Guy 1: ‘Are you ok?’
Guy 2: ‘I’m tired.’

Guy 3: ‘Why didn’t you do your work?’
Guy 2: ‘I’m tired.’

Guy 4: ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’
Guy 2: ‘I’m tired’
by limeboiz January 1, 2021
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Imagine life except breathing is not an option.
Imagine life except when ever you dare try to run your lungs just say ‘aight Ima head out’.
Imagine life except you have to carry this little blue, green, purple or orange tube around that could potentially save your life at any moment.
Imagine life except whenever you’re on a school trip or in sport class you’re constantly grilled about having your medication.
Imagine life except you’re repeatedly called lazy for physically not been able to take another step.

There are a whole bunch of serious definitions here so go check those out, anyways, gotta go grab my inhaler for I have randomly started choking ✨✨
Guy 1: You good there buddy?
Asthmatic: -uncontrollable wheezing-

Guy 2: CATCH ME!
Asthmatic: -deep breath- just let me.. -breath- catch my.. -crackly breath- breath..

Asthmatic: -loud panting- could you please get my ventolin?
Guy 3: Is it this blue thingy?
Asthmatic: -pumping sound followed by an inhale- yes thankyou.

Teacher: Asthmatic’s name do you have your inhaler?
Asthmatic: No sorry I left it at home.
Teacher: Pink slip.
Asthmatic: BRUH.

Guy 4: Gosh, is it that hard to keep going? Stop been lazy.
Asthmatic: Sorry, is my inability to properly breathe right now of no concern to you? I have asthma dumbass.
by limeboiz January 3, 2021
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As a noun:
A female who is romantically, sexually and/or emotionally attracted to other females; a homosexual female.

As an adjective:
Describes something that has some connection to a woman attracted woman.
1) You cannot turn a Lesbian person straight, a Lesbian is not Lesbian because they were heartbroken by a man.
2) The L in LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian.

1) My parents are in a Lesbian relationship.
2) My sister came out as a Lesbian person the other day.
by limeboiz January 3, 2021
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Lomjubgtcdezaqpkinhyvfrxsw is another word you can find by finding patterns in the keyboard. This pattern is so obscure that it previously wasn’t defined on the urban dictionary. You have reached boredom level 6000. Here’s a trophy: 🏆
I was supposed to be doing your homework but I got bored and decided to dive into the QWERTY hole,
I eventually typed lomjubgtcdezaqpkinhyvfrxsw in efforts to be creative with my boredom.

Guy 1: ‘Hey (Guy 2) type lomjubgtcdezaqpkinhyvfrxsw into the search bar!’
Guy 2: ‘How in f*** did you pronounce that.’
by limeboiz January 1, 2021
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A person who has a friend who they are not romantically affiliated with but treat as one would treat a life partner, the bond is mutual between both of the friends.
How to identify is someone is your platonic wife

1) They are a female friend of yours.
2) They are the first person you text when you’re in an uncomfortable situation.
3) You’d call them your ‘best friend’
4) When texting, both of you frequently pass lewd, sexual or romantic messages to each other in a joking manner.
5) You either ride with them or die.
6) At a lot of times, you have a love hate relationship with this person.
7) There are no romantic feelings between you and the friend.
8) The only things that could break this bond are:

-differing opinions in food
-differing opinions in celebrity crushes
-differing opinions in anything hardly controversial
9) If you were to have a differing opinion to your friend about food/celebrities/non-controversial topics the crisis could easily be resolved after a sarcastic FaceTime between you and the friend.
10) You’ve been friends with said person for 2+ years.
11) You would got to prison or break the law for this person, and they would for you.
12) You use excessive amount of emojis while chatting.

If a friend applies to all of 11 or more of these rules, they are a platonic wife.
by limeboiz January 4, 2021
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Something my older professors need to stop been so interested in.
Girl1: *wears skirt slightly above the knee*
Boy1: *no consideration for Girl1’s knees*
Professor: Girl1, your skirt’s too high!
Girl1: Nobody seems to care about that other than you!
Girl2: Fucking creep.
by limeboiz January 4, 2021
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A person, typically a woman, who advocates for equality between men and women and strives to defeat the divide between the two.

Common misinterpretations of what a feminist is:

1) A man hater
Feminists don’t inherently hate men, feminists choose to focus on encouraging other women to show strength and resilience and discouraging people to value one sex of another.

2) A woman deprived of sex
Feminists aren’t pushing women’s rights because they were turned down by a man, they push women’s rights because they want to be treated as equals to men.

3) A female
Though most feminists are female, there can be male feminists. A feminist is simply a person who advocates for women’s rights, that doesn’t mean they themselves are women.
1) For the past century a feminist movement has been striving for equality between the two sexes.

2) A feminist friend of mine taught me about the wage-gap between men and women.

3) Last week I went to my cousin Charlie’s house, despite been male, he is a feminist.
by limeboiz January 3, 2021
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