Newman : All right. Then let me ask you this. Didn't you find it interesting that your friend had the foresight to purchase postal insurance for your stereo. Huh. I mean parcels are rarely damaged during shipping

Jerry : Define rarely

Newman : Frequently
by Sal Bass February 13, 2011
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When you play a game developed by Rare, more so sea of thieves, anything bad that can happen will.
We have so much stuff here
(Proceed to spawn in a Meg and Skelly ship)
We just got Rared
by Comrade Boris October 20, 2020
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To be unique, out of the ordinary. Someone who doesn't follow trends, walks his own path.
Johnny listens to music no one knows about, dresses funny, has a weird sense of humor and doesn't listen to anyone but himself. Man is he rare!
by jesuscheezusofftheheezus March 2, 2015
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Something that is almost impossible to get or find. Top 5 levels of rarity

Lvl 1. Able to hear flutes when they play in band
Lvl 2. Finding someone cussing on somebody's Minecraft Christian Server
Lvl 3. Morning people
Lvl 4. Finding gold
Sam: Did you hear the ice cream machine at McDonald's is working?

*Song in the first time in forever plays in the background

Me: That's RARE
by ShadyFlute November 6, 2019
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1. something that you eagerly want to do or experience.
2. an event that you anxiously await, full of anticipation and you look forward to doing it because it's exciting.
1. I'm raring to go see SIN City in theatres this friday!
2. Whitewater rafting is something we've all been raring to do for the summer.
by fitchickxina March 31, 2005
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1. To be high on marijuana. (see example 1)
2. To be unusual to the extreme, and/or to do outlandish and abnormal things. "Rareness" is often characterized by a disregard for social norms. Rare is somewhat related to its literal definition, being uncommon, but with a positive connotation. (see examples 2)
1. I knew "the rick" was rare at lunch today, because he went right for the ice-cream after entering the dining hall with bloodshot eyes and a huge grin on his face.

2. It was rare when Merk informed us that he planned to enjoy some "superior drinkabilities" (bud lights) during halftime at his son's soccer match.

The way that percussionist shook his gourd was rare.

Mr. G's tendency to show up completely pie-eyed (drunk) to formal events is very rare.
by Mister Toker October 24, 2009
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not seen often, unexpected, different, weird, out of the ordinary
she forgot her lunch today, thats rare.
by l3Xx♥ May 25, 2009
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