Why does Professor Connolly always put on a video right after I eat lunch?
by Sjconnolly July 26, 2008
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Professor is a term of respect given to pinao players in New Orleans. Originally, the term might have been bestowed ironically on the piano players playing in brothels, but has more general and nonironic use nowadays to refer to any type of soloist musician.
Tip the professor at least a five before you go. Doing this is good form, Dawlin'.
by eViL pOp TaRt January 19, 2009
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sometimes if insecure will attempt to break your spirits in front of the class if you have a different opinion.
But your spirits are much to wise to joust with the idiot that spends day in and day out boring the hell out of you and failing to contribute anything exciting, worthwhile, and positive to society. Not all professors are bad. some know that the educational system sucks.
If i had to teach kids to remember worthless information day in and day out. I'd probably be insecure about my actions as well.

If you have a professor that only gives a shit about his own weak ego, than i suggest you go to the higher ups and ask why they hired such an intellectual weakling to lead the mass of students that pay loads of money and aren't touched by a single word that comes out of his/her mouth.
I had philosophy class today, and my Professor choked after every one of my responses that countered an insight made by Kant.
My teacher sucks Kants dick and i don't. I appreciate what Kant has to say but will continue to think for myself.
by Lil' Dick yo September 25, 2013
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1. Someone who secretly thinks he is dumb, and dedicates his life to making other people, usually impressionable young women, think he is smart using financial coercion and ultimatums.

2. What the soviets called "useful idiots", unwitting agents of the bolshevik agenda.
Typical College Girl: Professor, can you tell me what's going to be on the test?

Professor Castrato: Maybe if you visit me during my office hours I'll tell you.


Typical College Girl: Okay, I came to your office. Now will you tell me what's on the test?

Professor Castrato: Ya know, why don't you and I hang out more often? Do you want to go get a beer or something?
by im so damn bored May 9, 2011
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Knows quite a lot about science stuff.

Jesus incarnate.
We praise Professor Dave for his never ending knowledge.
by Bigboi68.5 March 15, 2019
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When a male fixes the bridge of a pair of glasses to the base of the shaft of his penis and enters an orifice of his partner.
I had a date with this dumb chick and when I took her home, I gave her The Professor.
by B.B. Mc Snatchincrack March 20, 2012
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1.A person who thinks they are so much smarter than everyone else in the world.

2. A nerd with a giant ego.
by Leahann October 11, 2006
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