1. An occurence, remark, reply, or otherwise any given situation which genuinely causes momentary distress or disdain to the point that one tightens his or her sphincter, as if preparing to be kicked in the ass. (Also spelled using hyphens, like so; Kick-In-The-Ass, so as to accentuate that the phrase is to be used, or acknowledged as one word.)

2. Literally, a kick in the ass.
1. After working all week, and breaking his back for an ungrateful boss, Rob's paycheck was a real kick in the ass.

2. When Rob bent over to pick up his paycheck, his boss gave him a kick in the ass.
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 04, 2010
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When a new piece of equipment is so good and so cutting edge that the term state of the art doesn't do it any justice.
Check out this kick of the ass warp core I built in my shed

These new 10,000 microfarad flux capacitors are really kick of the ass. Back in my day they didn't even have 100uF ones
by towel404 December 26, 2009
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When something or someone is the Ultimate Best Possible Ever!
Having superb adventures Kicks Royal Ass to the Ultimate Mutha~Fuckin' Max!
by Starchylde June 14, 2016
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1. To beat the hell out out of somebody, you don't have to literally kick them in the ass.
2. Famous threat used by Hank hill.
Example 1
Keep talking shit and Im gonna kick your ass!
Example 2
Hank: Dang it Dale I'm gonna kick your ass.
by Cool Guy November 11, 2018
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usually done during a contact sport of some sport catholic school kids do this expectionally well a
also known as: kfa pronounced cafe or kaf-fey
We totally just kicked fat ass!

Wow! those girls kicked kfa-ed during that basketball game.

Way to kick fat ass!
by youknow.whoiam September 01, 2010
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Normal everyday Wendie Gone Feral behaviour. It's one step up from kicking ass and one rung below kicking mother fucking ass (aka Sam L Jackson level Kick Ass)
The World is no match for Wendie...she kicks ass.

No way - she kicks fucking ass.

Lord, lets hope she never has to kick motherfuckin' ass.
by Juanny The Fifth September 22, 2009
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