262 definition by Starchylde

Goddamn, used in Great Britain
That Bloody frickin' artic blast pissed me the Fuck Off!!!
by Starchylde December 30, 2014

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like "fuck" but with More Emphasis
What the fuk do ya think you're doing?!
by Starchylde December 23, 2014

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When everything turns out Extremely Horrible!
Last night was really a shitshow; I'm telling you!!
by Starchylde December 29, 2014

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Being Completely Unaware of what's going on around you as you are So Extremely into what's going on right in front of your face; like anything more than 3 feet away just doesn't register in the brain.
When gymnastics are on TV, I'm Totally In The Zone Bigtime!!!!
by Starchylde January 28, 2015

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It's like "fuckin'" but more Hardcore
These frickin' aches hurt like a MuthaFucker!!
by Starchylde December 30, 2014

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