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A unique way of saying someone or something has bad luck.
Damn, I tried to do my best but I must be jynxed! That really sucks!
by Starchylde April 23, 2016
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gross, sickening, revolting, grotesque, horrendous
Did you see those leftovers? They were so disgustipating!
by Starchylde November 29, 2015
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A chain of restaurants & some deliver, the Best ever & with the stuffed crust & now with bacon in the stuffed crust!
Pizza Hut is Fantastic & Supreme & has many items on the menu besides pizza. They have the Best~Tasting pizza Ever!
by Starchylde May 25, 2016
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The Absolutely craziest form of insanity. Beyond "certifiable", or an Extremely Fantastic idea or concept.
That new person I met was Most Definitely inxane. The idea the band has was inxane.
by Starchylde April 12, 2016
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In 1980, it erupted & blew all the trees down that were around it for 30 Miles! The ash carried for over 500 Miles & was like glass. It's located in Washington near the Oregon border. On May 18th, it erupted at 8:32 AM Mountain Time.
When Mount St. Helen's volcano's dust reached us, I didn't know what was happening. I thought someone was drag~racing! We had to stay indoors for a week & hose off the roof, yards, & driveways. What a shocker! Talk about Power!!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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Your conscience, you get an odd or weird disturbing feeling in your stomach, as if what you're considering doing is not ok.
She gets a gut feeling an amazing amount of times & it's Always Right!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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