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1. A friend, who after leaving the bar, volunteers to ensure that your hood doesn't fly up and obstruct your vision, by sitting, laying, or otherwise sprawling himself across the hood for the entire ride back to the house.

2. Any unknown organic material, such as flesh, hair, teeth, a human body, or other, which is found stuck to the grill of your vehicle after a hard night of partying.
1. Tony and Robbie forgot the hood was unlatched when they spun out of peewee's bar, so Robbie had to be the Carolina Hood Ornament all the way home after the hood flew up and they were unable to shut it.

2. Ralph was surprised to find a Carolina Hood Ornament on his dad's car on Saturday morning, and had to bury it in the neighbor's backyard before anyone found out.
by Whiskey Drinker Me December 01, 2009
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When your ear itches deep down inside, and the only way to make it stop is to plunge your finger into it and make a rattling motion, as if trying to scratch the itch. Upon doing this, the relief one feels is so intense and pleasurable, it can easily be compared to an orgasm, and some may even say it is difficult to stop digging at the itch once you start, so you are left fingering your ear like an idiot with your eyes rolling back in your head as if you are actually having an orgasm. Thus the term, Eargasm.
John found it hard to resist when his ear suddenly started itching in the doctor's office, and he soon found himself having an eargasm in front of the entire waiting room.
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 05, 2010
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Glitter worn by dancers that sticks to you and your clothing and is impossible to remove. Usually resulting in a pissed off wife or girlfriend.
I would've gotten away with a great night at the tittybar, if it wasn't for that damn lapdancer dust!
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 11, 2010
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Those irritating little bumps you get on your tongue, which your parents or grandparents probably told you was from telling lies. Actually, they are infected tastebuds, probably caused from biting your nails, or putting some other dirty thing in your mouth.
When Little Bob was caught telling a lie, he checked his tongue so regularly for lie bumps, that he actually ended up getting one.
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 11, 2010
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A hangman's noose. Phrased as such to imply formality and common occurence in the region of Mississippi and other deep southern states, of the event of a hanging, not necessarily of a specific race or group of people, but anyone unfortunate enough to piss off a redneck. Used in reference to a hanging to make light of, or lessen the horrific nature of it.
Ex.1.: "Hey boy, you better get on outta here before you find yourself wearin' a Mississippi Necktie."

Ex.2.: "Billy Bob wore a Mississippi Necktie to his weddin'."
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 07, 2010
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As opposed to the "bar fly", a female who will be seen as a regular in any given drinking establishment, the BAR FROG is not only seen in the bar on a regular basis, but she is usually hopping from table to table (or stool to stool) in hopes of mooching a drink from any guy who she deems as an easy target. Once she has exhausted her welcome, she will move on to the next victim, and remain until her resources are used up, or she passes out at the bar or table.
Lynn became known as the local bar frog down at Rikki's Tavern when she developed the habit of moving from chair to chair and hitting on any man that would buy her a drink.
by Whiskey Drinker Me December 02, 2009
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A person who, for reasons yet unknown, will always spend no less than 30 minutes in the bathroom, no matter what they originally went in to do. You can always tell who's going camping in the shitter, as they will usually be carrying a "survival kit", which includes at least one of the following; a crossword book, a newspaper, a magazine, or in extreme cases, a sandwich.
If I'd have known that Jared was a bathroom camper, I would've tried to get first dibs on the thrown.
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 12, 2010
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