An exclamation used in an ironic way to acknowledge a person’s thought or idea, when in reality, it is meaningless.
“Your hair looks so stupid! Your barber is such an asshole!” - Garrett

“Keep talking!” - Nate
by GoGetterCFerg July 14, 2020
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An expression that's used when you want information from someone, but that someone keeps telling boring details you don't need to know.

Can be emphasised by using 'Shut the fuck up and keep talking'.
Guy 1: So we went to her bedroom, and there were a lot of dolls there. She also had a poster of-
Guy 2: Dude, shut up and keep talking. Did anything happen?
by Vowtar June 17, 2010
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1) a threat used by a bomber where they force their hostages to spill out classified information or else they get blown up
2) ironic/satirical statement for when you just want someone to shut up but they keep on blathering on about stuff you don't care about
Bank robber: *rips the duct tape off of Karen's mouth* Give me the code to the safe
Karen: *cries* I won't let you do this!!!!
Bank robber: Shut up! Now keep talking and nobody explodes!!


Her: .......sitting on this balcony and I wanted to talk to him but couldnt but then I drank a glass of wine and I did but ended up talking to another guy who seemed cool and so I blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah........ and we took a selfie together.
Me: *nods head impatiently* Oh ok
Her: oh and which reminds me I also met this other guy--
Me, seething with impatience: Yes..... Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes...... 🙃
by UltimateDoge December 22, 2021
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