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A great show on the discovery channel hosted by two awsome hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman they go on doing expiriments on myths and busting them or proving them plausible or confirmed there is also 5 co hosts Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara, Scotty Chapman, and Christine Chamberlain.
On Mythbusters they put myths to the test with science!
by Shawn Underwood January 04, 2007
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Title: TV Show on the Discovery Channel. Two quirky science-geeks (Adam Savage (the redhead) and Jamie Hyneman (The beret and mustache) try to test Urban Legends and popular Myths.

Adj. 1: A very large, powerful explosion

Adj. 2: A very large, powerful fuckup
1. HOLY SHIT! Did you see that nuclear bomb test? That was so mythbusters!

2. DAMN IT! I pulled a real mythbuster on my car. Shouldn't have tried to drive through that lake.
by ladydeakin April 28, 2005
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The sexual act in which one person holds mentos and coca-cola in their mouth while a partner ejaculates into their mouth. Immediately after said partner has finished the holder will close their mouth and shake their head vigorously in hopes of creating an explosion. Alternately the ejaculating partner may also urinate in their mouth.
If you play your cards right I might just take you home for a mythbuster session.
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by MrsGreyOwl January 15, 2018
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Any homosexual act and/or a mustache is a Myth Buster.
Damn did you see that guy Myth Bust that other guy in the alley way.

Did you see that Myth Buster busting his mans arse.
by Jason56744 April 02, 2008
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