A beat-up old jalopy of a car.
I waved goodbye as she backed out of my driveway in her junker Mercury Sable.
by Fr. Nat October 6, 2007
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A person who is gathers a bunch of trash and attempts to make use of it if not convert its original purpose to serve as something else.
Person A: So I just finish building my new home. But I decided to build it out of the things from a junkyard.
Person B: Well hopefully it doesn't fall on you while you are sleep.
Person A: Welll im more confident that it won't because I built it.
Person B: *Sigh* Sometimes being a junker isn't a good thing in this case.
Person A: Now I need to fix my car.
by Syrikzero July 19, 2013
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Landed aristocracy of Prussia and Eastern Germany. "Junker" in German means country squire. The particle "von" before their family names indicated their belonging to the nobility.
Otto von Bismarck and Paul von Hindenburg are famous Junkers. (pronounced YOON-ker)
by The Sneak September 16, 2004
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The male body part located 2milimeters under the penis. This body part is often refered as balls or nuts. This term is often used when your are talking to a girl named Lindsay.
Dude, Mr. Deckers junkers are on roids...if you dont believe me, check out his topographic map at your local bookstore.
by hoodnigga November 1, 2007
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1) The end result when cousins have sex.
2) Making really terrible models.
3) The act of kissing another dude.
1) Dude your parents are cousins? You are so junkers.
2) Person 1: How awesome are these models I made? Person 2: Shut up junkers.
3) I kissed a guy last night. I'm a junkers :(
by ATHOME November 6, 2005
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Sexy, stylish and so smooth you could eat cheese of his chest.
by Anonymous October 8, 2003
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