This is typically used when someone crashes hard, specifically, on their face.
Did you see James crash on his dirt bike?
Yea, I saw him eat cheese over the handle bars!
by Husoku May 13, 2007
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To snitch on
"You better watch Sally, she'll take your weed and then eat cheese on you."
by erich May 31, 2013
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To turn or tell on someone for doing something wrong.
Jack was at Jill's place eating cheese. Jack's a rat.
by Joker!!!!!! February 8, 2021
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To run to someone in authority and tell them about someone else's misbehavior. Tattling, snitching.
Uh-oh. Willie's eating cheese on Rudy again. Rudy must have gotten here five minutes late.
by chi expat June 18, 2009
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where u stick a slice of cheese in a ass and eat it
i eat cheese on tim last night.
by jhkjh September 30, 2006
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Guy 1-"yo dawg what you gonna be tonight?"
Guy 2-"imma be at my girls house eating cheese, ya mean"
by will.i.r October 23, 2008
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Orangutans who originate from the Borneo and Sumatra rainforest, tend to have a sweat build up under their arm pits. This sweat build up forms a yellowish color and resembles the consistency of cheese. When telling someone to “eat cheese”, one can only infer that it is an insult of the greatest degree!
Tim: Yo man my fantasy football team rocks dude.
Me: Eat cheese, your team is trash!
by Kernall Johnson November 21, 2018
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