Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Diablo
Genus: Satan
Species: S. Easternus

- Chinese teen
- fringe with minimum length of 8cm
- dyed hair (with at least 8 colours usually gold or red)
- standard repertoire of words/phrases are: "cheebye, lanjiao, kannina, hong gan, pcc. These words/phrases are usually repeated in a cycle right after they have nothing else to say
- habitat: Singapore, usually found outside McDonald's, live in packs
- female members of the species have a very high voice frequency
- performs religious rituals to the song "hokkien speeding"
- do not make prolonged eye contact or else they will, as they like to say, "hoot" you
- However, if you do not make any eye contact they will think that you are, as they like to say, "daoing" them and proceed to "hoot" you.
guy 1: i met a guy worse than satan today
guy 2: and who would that be?
guy 1: eastern satans

Eastern: "kannina cheebye, lan jaio, hong gan, bu shuang lai hoot, wo jiao wo de bladde lai hoot ni, kannina, cheebye, lan jiao hong gan. kannina cheebye, lan jaio, hong gan, bu shuang lai hoot, wo jiao wo de bladde lai hoot ni, kannina, cheebye, lan jiao hong gan.kannina cheebye, lan jaio, hong gan, bu shuang lai hoot, wo jiao wo de bladde lai hoot ni, kannina, cheebye, lan jiao hong gan.kannina cheebye, lan jaio, hong gan, bu shuang lai hoot, wo jiao wo de bladde lai hoot ni, kannina, cheebye, lan jiao hong gan.kannina cheebye, lan jaio, hong gan, bu shuang lai hoot, wo jiao wo de bladde lai hoot ni, kannina, cheebye, lan jiao hong gan.kannina cheebye, lan jaio, hong gan, bu shuang lai hoot, wo jiao wo de bladde lai hoot ni, kannina, cheebye, lan jiao hong gan."

by Depressed, indeed August 2, 2008
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People who have a Superiority complex while actually being inferior to the west
easterners have such a Superiority complex it's kinda ironic
by Thesauruz5 November 27, 2020
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A school that's so completely overrated. Everyone in middle school wants to go there and act like getting in determines the fate of your life. The people that got in just assume they are better than you (I would know, I am one). But the entry test was literally about basic 6th grade geometry so you'll pass if you're not too white or too black. despite what people say, it's only a little bit more workload. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has at least a few friends. Cliques? Hell yeah. Sluts/Jocks, Ghetto/Rachet, Smart, AP, Non AP, and probably the biggest one, filipinos. Jesus Christ might as well put a jollibee in this bitch. You will likely date a a Filipino, but it's ok, they are fine as fuck. You may have trouble finding your clique, but you'll get there, and may even fall into a couple. Teachers are assholes, no matter what you've heard. To teachers, if you're not in AP, you will be homeless. Rarely any fights, the people that talk shit are too white to do anything else. If you make a name for yourself, you will thrive. Pick your friends wisely, and just a heads up, Asian friends are the best. Oh yeah, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL. Want to try out for the soccer team? You'll probably get in, which means nothing though. No teacher or principle or guidance counselor will understand your problems, which is why I put even more emphasis on making good friends. The magnets are pretty ok, but unless you do IT or engineering, you mean nothing. Good luck!
Kid 1: you go to eastern tech?

Kid 2: yeah
Kid 1: I'm so sorry. But also, fuck you.
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Eastern Oregon is defined by the Cascade Mountains that roughly divide Oregon in half, in more than one sense. Past the rain shadowing mountains lies a nearly endless high desert. The state is not only divided geographically, but politically, economically, and culturally. Past the Cascades, Oregon becomes more of a cowboy country. People wear guns on their hips and drive diesel pickup trucks. Most tend to vote on the more conservative ballot. Agriculture dominates the local economy, not excluding logging and small amounts of copper and tin mining.
The local landscapes includes sea's of bunch grasses, sage brush, and hilly to mountainous terrain. Mule deer and coyotes roam free, just as most everything does around there. The "first city" of Eastern Oregon is considered Bend Oregon.
(Western Oregonian):"Dude, have you been out to Eastern Oregon? It's like real different from this place. It's all dry and desert like. Everyone has a gun, and the hills were epic!"
by Deltasword February 3, 2012
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Another term used to describe the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church - i.e. the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox Churhc was founded by Christ and His Apostles and is the oldest and second largest Church in existance. The majority of its adherants live in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Some of its distinct features include its strong emphasis on Tradition and not adding or subtracting from the Faith and its rich liturgical life.
The Easyern Orthodox Church is the only true Church and has perfectly preserved the Truth of Christ.

The Eastern Orthodox Church is NOT Roman Catholic.
by Naitsirhc Xodohtro November 8, 2005
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1. A high school located in good 'ole essex, maryland.
2. There are RARELY any fights.
3. The school is mostly white which makes it dull. the black people stay segregated, unless they're african.. and the foreign kids get called white because they dont walk into school with traditional clothes. The school is pretty racist, but not in a bad way.
4. black guys get all the girls
5. The school isnt filled with regular cliques... there are a large number who are floaters who will hang out with the sluts, nerds, stuck up bitches, and the normies (normal people)
6.Most of the teachers are fake and will only love you if you take AP.
7. the TRUE cliques of eastern tech: AP kids.. and non-AP kids
8. The school is a blue ribbon school, but every student should be expelled for the amount of cheating that goes on.
9. The principle is butthead and only cares about football. In fact, that's all anybody cares about that school.
10. Everyone has friends, even the losers who think they're cool by bringing yu-gi-oh cards to lunch
11. a place where freshmen get skanker, smaller, and more flat every year
12. a place where if your hott, everyone assumes your a hoe
13. a place where really popular kids who go partying and act like total snobs.. actually arent that loved and have less friends than the average nice person (very unlike the regular highschool)
14. the most spirited school ever even though the school is a joke
15. a school thats hated by all
scenario 1:
Teacher: come on people, you should know the answer to this!
Student: i dunno.........
Teacher: how do you not know?! this is Eastern Tech, the best school in baltimore county and all of maryland!!!!
Student: *dear gawd*

scenario 2:
Sarah: what school do you go to?
Allie: eastern..
Sarah: O.. i see.. ur one of them....
Allie: FUCK YOU..we beat yo ass in football!
Sarah: gurl. that just proves ur an eastern kid. dont say yo. ur white honey.
by Seer441 February 6, 2010
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A woman of unquestionable morals and community involvement belonging to the fraternal order( a social society based on Christian principles that) of ORDER OF EASTERN STAR. She is your next door neighbor, mother of your church, sorority sister, aunt, professor, camp leader. She is recognized by her deeds, not by her paraphenelia, sign or regalia. Often misrepresented as a sorority by those who are unaware of her true meaning and devotion. She is not a devil worshiper nor is she in a cult. She is the first and true representation of sisterhood for her obligations are life applications and not memory tasks. She is often referred to as the mother of all for her establishment and ideology of secrey dates back prior to any sorority conception. She is affiliated with the Masonic Family, her brother is the Mason!!!!!
You didn't know Mother Washington was an eastern Star?
by Namii May 7, 2007
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