with style:
high quality, skill, or grace in performance, manner, social behaviour, or appearence.
wow... did you see chad muska kicking that varial-flip.to.frontside-wheelie?! now that is stylish!

hey, your new tattoo is very stylish...
by Lisa June 15, 2003
something that has style
the autumn/winter collection in topshop is very stylish
by -x-charlotte-x- November 13, 2005
I'm really stylishing in my new tuxedo.
by J-Zr January 26, 2012
A positive adjective to describe a wired looking outfit
What a fashion! You look very stylish today!
by Mokonamon May 12, 2005
A man or woman that has odd socks 2 left shoes a badly tye dyed sleeveless hoodie cargo shorts and a fedora
1:thats stylish
2:damn id tap
by Jimbocousinlicker November 16, 2018
LL Stylish is he who shpills everyone and everything that gets in his way. He is the sexiest man alive and they say that "If it is a 1v1, LL Stlyish will win". His real name is Yanni and he is a godly streamer/youtuber.
LL Stylish is when:
*Someone makes a huge outplay
"Oh shit you're actually LL Stlyish PRRRRRRRRRRRRR"
by LL Portgas D Ice September 12, 2018