The act of a massive explosion occurring followed promptly by a crash and burn of said exploding object, often to the surprise of many onlookers or third-parties.
"The night was going great, until the pressure was on and I Hindenburg'ed in my pants at the very sight of her!"
by ImmunityZZ January 25, 2012
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1. A famous German zeppelin which crashed in New Jersey back in 1937.
2. An extremely obese German person.
*Nick D and his homeboys are out vacationing in Munich, Germany during the Oktoberfest festival while they drink all the beer they want*

Nick D: Holy Shit y'all, run! Move out of the way because the Hindenburg is about to crash down over here!!!

*Nick D and his homies move out of the way as a very very fat man runs in between them and the crowd*

Nick D: Oh wait my bad y'all, that's just a morbidly overweight cheese hog who looks like he's trying to find the restroom. Must have the beer shits or something.
by Mark H September 23, 2004
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The act of blowing air directly into a vagina should henceforth be known as The Hindenburg. Filled with hot air, may end in disaster.
I gave that girl from the club a Hindenburg and she went off like a fucking whoopie-cushion!
by Barry McCockiner, Esq. April 13, 2020
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While you are getting blown and right before you cum, you reach down and light a fart on fire, accidentally burning your partners face with the gas explosion. You must at least attempt to quench the flames with your load to be considered a true American. If you don't cum, you're a Nazi.
Luckily, the bitch shaved her mustache before the Hindenburg, or it could have been much worse.
by Madden '76 December 17, 2014
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While doing a very large chick on a balcony, right as you blow your load you pour a bottle of everclear on her back, light her on fire, and kick her off the balcony!
Man my roommate was performed the hindenburg on a heffer last night and she landed on and totalled my car!
by Mertis June 25, 2009
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A Hindenburg is not a specific sex move, but rather any sexual act which, when performed, is so deviant it prompts one's girlfriend to tell her friends about it, to which they reply "Oh! the humanity!"
Jason : "I Hindenburged the shit out of Lisa last night"
Brian: "OH! The humanity!"
by Himeyjones September 5, 2022
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When two people scissor their assholes together and one proceeds to fart into the other's anus.
That girl from the party tried to pull a Hindenburg on me and I think I got an air bubble stuck in my butt.
by Bottzilla December 30, 2016
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