A horrible, horrible place located on college campuses throughout the United States. One of the few places in the nation where highway robbery and wallet rape is still legal and encouraged. When you walk in be prepared to drop $200 on a stupid hard cover book that you will use at most for three months and then never again (note: this is per class). Prior to walking in, be sure to savor the last few steps of pain free existence for the next several days, because once you walk out you will feel anally pillaged and violated.
John: "Dude are you ok I see you are walking with a gimp?"

Steve: "I will be fine in a couple days. My asshole just needs to recover from the pounding it took at the bookstore. I mean $230 for a book? I wouldn't even pay that much for sex let alone some stupid book."

John: "I know what you mean man. I was ravished by the bookstore just last week."
by SHUPat January 16, 2012
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a building on a college campus which magically makes all merchandise placed within its walls cost two to three times as much as it would elsewhere.
When I found the chunk of plastic known as a 'contact lens case' priced at $5.99 in our university bookstore, I went into a rage and drove my car through the front window.
by elemental February 23, 2006
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A type of formal attire that empowers an individual to look elegant yet allows their personality to shine through, and is particularly fitting for bookstore weddings. Think, Woody Allen meets James Bond, or a cross between Daisy Buchanan and Beyonce.
Uncle Jesse, you look so "bookstore chic", any chance you will be dancing the night away at a bookstore wedding tonight?
by Hey Buddy!!! September 16, 2013
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people will only begin to understand it if they accept the bookstore meat
You want some bookstore meat Francesca?”
“What’s bookstore meat Taylor”
“Just accept it and you’ll see the glory 🥩 “
by Bookstore meat October 18, 2020
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A person who regularly spends several hours inside a bookstore without the intention of ever buying anything.

The most despicable behaviors of a bookstore bum include but are not limited to: pulling umpteen magazines off the rack and getting oily disgusting fingers on most pages then leaving every molested book and magazine adrift, reading in the prone position in the middle of an aisle, and wasting away sleeping in a chair that was provided for actual customers.
Actual bookstore customer: "I would love to take a look down the non-fiction section but there is a grown man sprawled out in the aisle like a child while reading Harry Potter. They've got to do something about these bookstore bums!"
by JMoney2000 May 15, 2014
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A huge ponzi scheme found on every college campus meant to harvest every last dollar from students as it can. Disguised as an honest operation, every campus bookstore sells you books it knows full well you will never use, and refuse to take them back unless for 30% of the original price, which they will resell for 70% of the original price.
Guy 1: Hey man, want to order some pizza tonight?

Guy 2: I can't, my wallet is still recovering from the trip to the campus bookstore.
by Pissedoffsophomore May 1, 2012
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The Bookstore Girl aesthetic is an aesthetic centered around a love of reading and cozy bookstores. Many visual aspects include autumn colors and imagery. and again a girl loves book and bookstores more then anything.
by booklovingirl July 21, 2022
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