One who suffers from sleep deprivation. Can also be related to stress and depression.
Ever since his family died, Cletus became an insomniac out of fear of being snuffed in his sleep by the Mafia.
by AYB March 31, 2003
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Those who claim to be an insomniac largely fall into two distinct categories.
Firstly, those who are genuinely and tragically afflicted by the inability to sleep.

Secondly, the fucking idiot emo wannabes who simply stay up past their bed time whining on myspace rather than actually trying to sleep.

Around 99% of all teenagers who claim to have insomnia are lying, attention seeking fucksticks who are so uninteresting, they have to make up something like insomnia to give them some kind of "edge".

Most people with insomnia will not discuss it as lightly as those people who fake it.
Friend: Where were you this morning?
Genuine sufferer: Sorry, I couldn't sleep.


Friend: Where were you this morning?
Emo Twat: Dude I'm a fucking insomniac, I can't fall asleep until like 4am every night. It's so lonely, and yet beautiful at that time, I just feel so at peace with the world.... oh yeah, here, I wrote this poetry for you.
by Squiff March 7, 2007
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A person who suffers from lack of sleep/restlessness. Can be perpetuated from caffeine consumption and web development/programming. Insomniacs are also known to have issues with depression, alienation, isolation, and anti-socialization.
by Richard Robinson December 31, 2005
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A cd by green day that contains hits like Brain Stew/Jaded, Geek Stink Breath, and Walking contradiction.

Also a person who has a sleeping disorder known as insomnia. I have insomnia and i only get a little more than an hour of sleep a night.
Im having trouble trying to sleep
Im counting sheep but running out
As time ticks by, still i try...
*then later in song*
My mind is set on overdrive
The clock is laughing in my face
A crooked spine
My sense is dulled
Passed the point of delerium
-Brain Stew-Green Day

I thot that was appropriate since thats what insomniacs do...and since it is on the green day cd insomniac!
by Ka August 28, 2004
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Show on Comedy Central starring Dave Attel getting drunk off his ass late at night.
by DANfan May 8, 2003
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someone who either has the inability to sleep due to mental effects like depression, or someone who choses not to sleep to do other things like play farcry 4 all night. or in my case... both.
got into an argument with my dad today, so I decided to play farcry 4 on my xbox one all night... im a true insomniac
by elbowpenguin January 19, 2015
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