The point at which tomorrow will officially suck if you have to be conscious before 2pm for any reason. Which, sadly, most do.
*rolls over in bed and checks the time* "Ugh, I haven't slept at all and it's 4am. Tomorrow is already a bad day." (Although technically it's already tomorrow. It doesn't feel that way at 4am.)
by bippidyboppidybacon August 30, 2014
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The time people normally notice after spending an entire night playing video games.
I started playing terraria at 10 and all the sudden it's 4am, where the fuck did all that time go?
by Alexouther July 21, 2011
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The point that you are officially going to be fucked tomorrow if you don't go to bed now, but for some reason your half functioning ass brain decides that, nope! Your staying up even longer, because going to bed now would actually be a rational thing to do, and why would you do rational things when you could fuck up your life and regret it later?
person: Aw, shit! It's 4am! I'm going to bed!

brain: No the fuck your not.
by Quinn is my fake name February 6, 2021
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The typical hair growth around the pubic area that a stripper develops after a 9 hour shift. Typically equivalent to a day's worth of facial hair growth on a baboon.
Upon visiting Cafe Risque, the blonde stripper had an evident 4am shadow and showed extreme displeasure at still being at work.
by Jean-Paul Schraeter March 6, 2007
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when you're masturbating at 4am and it's just like
"last night i did the ol' 4am fap"

"sorry bro"
by leadpainter August 26, 2014
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Daily news drops come in to each major news network each morning at 4 A.M.
The day's talking points arrive in studio via the 4AM Drops. All mainstream media news hosts get their scoops dropped at 4 A.M.
by Calamity Jane II February 18, 2019
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