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According to Roland Barthes, starring a text is a process of "separating the blocks of signification", so that the original text is "cut up into the series of brief, contiguous fragments, which we shall call lexias"(p.13, "S/Z", Roland Barthes)
Roland Barthes is starring Sarrasine by Balzac in his essay "S/Z".
by polina.v.godz February 20, 2013
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v. to fist someone but then open your fist inside the vagina or anus.
I was starring this girl last night.

I got starred last night and I'm worried i won't feel anything anymore.
by analfister March 22, 2011
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Starring is a word coined on the Zeldapedia IRC channel for 'frontal mooning'. To 'star' someone is to expose yourself to them; revealing full frontal nudity.
"I'm gonna star her"

"Planning on starring anyone tonight, LD? We all know its your favourite pastime"
by From Beyond The Stars April 06, 2010
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