The IB is the ultimate academic path to sleep deprivation
by E T November 27, 2006
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An unfortunate side effect of the International Baccalaureate program. In order to finish the requisite amounts of work, sleep is often neglected. This produces symptoms including, but not limited to: red eyes, yawning, falling asleep in class, excessive bragging about how hard you worked, lack of motivation, napping in unorthodox places (hard floors, etc.), and occasionally in a highly intellectual mental state (allowing many in-depth observations and an ability to understand complex concepts). Sleep deprivation is also a common tool for bragging, with the more sleep deprived participant being declared the victor.
Student 1: I've got some hardcore sleep deprivation. I had to do three hours of calculus homework, finish an English essay, and I have a chemistry test next period.

Student 2: That's nothing. I had to finish my history IA, TOK essay, biology worksheets, and the math homework. I didn't get to bed until 3:30.
by IPK June 3, 2008
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The intentional, or unintentional deficit of sleep due to various circumstances.

Side effects include; drowsiness, an excitable / giggly demeanor, chapped lips, muscle cramps from basic movement, delusion, diarrhea, irregularity in appetite, becoming more visuospatial (extra-gangster as another definition put it), impatience (which can lead you to be more critical of smaller details as another definition expresses), loss of water in face - which can make some more prone to blemishes, palour, dark circles under eyes, psychotic breaks, grandiose entrepreneurial ideas, fainting, brushes of genius, undergoing a series of events similar to that of Fight Club, headaches, weight loss, general feelings of uncertainty, increased sensitivity to audio and visual stimulation, impairing of short-term memory, tip-of-the-tongue sensation, poor blood circulation... the list can go on.
I love to promote sleep deprivation and make beats on my laptop. The whole thing is kind of a grab-bag though and you're going to get just as many negative effects as positive. Diarrhea is always a guarantee for me, personally.
by jfjfjfjfjf August 9, 2011
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Lack of sleep that causes you to be extra gangster
Man, I've got some sleep deprivation and I'm bout ready to get crunk on some fools
by tyleranne August 1, 2011
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Sleep Deprivation Lacking sleep for long periods of time.
Dayna had sleep deprivation so she began talking to her self and snapping at people.
by Percibeth April 26, 2016
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A long standing tradition of the International Baccalaureate (IB) where students are restricted from sleeping due to the ProCAStination and assignments due with acronyms, like ToK, IOP, IOC, IA, EE, DCP, CE, etc. Each student must re-enact this ceremony, which requires them to neglect their sleep continuously in order to be able to pass the IB.

Symptoms include (varies with person): Mental Breakdowns, Coffee Overdose, Migraines, Plagiarism, Regret over IB, among many others.

Also, students who state that they had 4 hours of solid sleep are to be considered gifted, and those who receive up to 8 hours are considered God-Blessed. However, those who receive more than 8 hours are either failing the IB, or doesn't give a ****.

Sleep Deprivation also has its benefits for the IB program, though...

Students gain the ability to BS on anything and at anytime due to the lack of sleep. They become highly analytical and could fit in a week's amount of homework in one night. These students could be credited for their sophisticated 1-hour essays that require scholars with PhD and years of experience to assemble in about a month.
Student 1: I have 3 hours of sleep on average. I am suffering from Sleep Deprivation!
Student 2: Please, I had 2 hours of sleep for 2 days! I suffer it more than you do!
Student 3: Haha, noobs, I've been awake for 2 days in a row! I AM THE DEFINITION OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION! You must kneel before me!
by Sir Azder November 4, 2013
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