Lack of ability, lack of power;
*His/her inability to find work.

*But that still doesn't excuse the inability to get rid of incompetent teachers.
by heeed February 4, 2012
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the state of being unable to do something.
"his inability to accept new ideas"
synonyms: lack of ability, incapability, incapacity, powerlessness, impotence, helplessness;
Inability to defeat someone in a game of check mate been hacked
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 17, 2019
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The theoretical concept that something has room for something else to be put inside of it.
Is the room inable for this bed. Or is your heart inable for me.
by Sparastani wordsmith September 11, 2022
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Some one who does not posses the ability to do something.
Andrew seems to be inable to grow a penis.
by Dario Salvato October 26, 2007
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