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Show that used to be good but then began to suck at the middle of the 2nd season. The only reason i watch...some of those bitches CANT SING A NOTE!
person 2: I dont know, but his career has lasted longer than the winners careers have!
by Ka August 18, 2004
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Nirvana song where the drummer, Dave Grohl, is singing lead, and Kurt Cobain is singing backround vocals
by Ka December 29, 2004
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The best rock band ever. Their music inspired and influenced millions of young people. Kurt Cobain as guitar/vocals, Krist Novoselic as bass, and Dave Grohl as drums. Their music will always inspire us.
Our little group has always been, and always will until the end-smells like teen spirit.

Which is so true.

RIP Kurt Cobain. You live on in all of us.
by Ka June 4, 2004
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One of the best nirvana songs ever.

VERY sarcastic. talks about how happy he is...then how sad he is...i think thats why its called lithium.
Im so horny, thats ok my will is good!
by Ka August 20, 2004
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They always hang around and they always keep me down.
Before good charlotte became the object of preppies and werent sellouts...
by Ka August 14, 2004
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Word Used to Degrade one's performance and usually make the other person feel bad.
John: I just won the lottery
Dave: Well Look at Me!!
by Ka August 28, 2003
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