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Show on Comedy Central starring Dave Attel getting drunk off his ass late at night.
by DANfan May 8, 2003
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A term loosely meaning that you have been embarrassed to the highest degree, similar to pwned and You Got Served

Origin: Metal Gear Solid 2 near the end of the game, there's a screen that says that very phrase that's supposed to mimic the "Mission Failed" message you get when you normally die in said game.
Dude, your girlfriend sucked my cock last night! FISSION MAILED!
by DANfan February 21, 2005
An action movie cliche in which a character in an action film mentions wanting to do something peaceful after a mission/encounter only to die in the film.
Did that guy in the movie say he wants to marry his girlfriend after the war? Yep, he's got two days till retirement!
by DANfan January 20, 2013
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Martial art developed by Takuma Sakazaki in the Art Of Fighting/King Of Fighters line of video games. The art consists of mainly karate, where the strongest of the group would learn the awesome move known as the Ryoku Ranbu. Currently, the students of this martial art are Takuma Sakazaki, his kids Ryo and Yuri, and hotshot millionare Robert Garcia.
Kyokugenryu Karate is Oodley Doodley Cool!
by DANfan January 1, 2004
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Terrible Japanese pronouciation of the phrase "Break My Soul" said by Iori Yagami of the King Of Fighters series of games in the song "Kaze No Allegory".

The phrase has now evolved into a notion of something that has makes you sad that you even seen or heard about it, hence, it has "Broken Your Soru"
"Man, did you seen that website www.goatse.cx? the mere sight of it has breaku mah soru for life!"
by DANfan January 2, 2004
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