Funiture place to get swedish funiture that is trendy but doesnt last a long time because it eventually breaks but the good part is at the end you can eat some $0.50 hotdogs with flys next to the soda machine
Hey lets go to ikea they have those $50.00 cent hotdogs mad out of swedish crap
by Andre1981 March 14, 2007
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Yes, IKEA is a "large Swedish-based furniture store that sells modern-styled furniture."

The stuff looks really good, but it's actually really poor quality. Most IKEA furniture is overpriced and it falls apart in a couple of months.
IKEA's furniture looks good but the quality sucks ass.
by *zodiac December 26, 2006
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Somebody who seems to find some use for every useless thing sold at Ikea, a furniture store.
"Tom! Don't You think the FLARSEKAD would look great in my office? I really need a chrome paperweight."
"Dammit Honey. You're such an Ikea."
by AlexFinkz November 28, 2008
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the place where Swedish children go when they fail at school and there parents disassemble them into the package
child: dad what are you doing

dad: you failed so your going back to where you came from

child: were is that?

dad: IKEA
by That Swedish Meatball March 05, 2017
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When a guy has no experience in relationships and is a "fixer upper." He needs a lot of work and remodeling, so he's an "Ikea."
I've dated enough to know that I don't do "Ikeas."
by AprilVirage January 03, 2006
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A swedish furniture company who's main role it is to make you lose faith in all that you hold dear while you fail to put the items you bought together.
Putting together IKEA products is like two teens attempting to have sex for the first time: there are too many holes, you don't know where to put it in, and when you finally figure it out it won't fit.
by sorallia February 02, 2015
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The beacon home. The answer to our problems. The IKEA tower reminds us that from Water Sheep we come from to Water Sheep we return
I looked for my home and I saw it. IKEA tower leading me to safety and salvation
by Raw X3 X3 August 06, 2019
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