Kaitlyn is a truly remarkable person. She is someone who is selfless and caring as shown by her determination to make others happy. She makes an incredible friend due to her loyalty and kindness. Furthermore she makes an amazing girlfriend. She notices the small details and doesn't withhold an ounce of her heart once you've won it. She is such a brave woman despite the burdens she may carry in her life and somehow manages to wear a beautiful smile and a bubbly personality. She also has a quirky side which makes her truly unique in so many ways. Kaitlyn is the most genuine, intelligent, kind and beautiful girl you could ever hope to meet in your life. You can tell you just met a Kaitlyn if you can see a whole galaxy in her eyes. Find yourself a Kaitlyn because she will light up your world.
Everyone needs a Kaitlyn in their life
by DamCamBam January 4, 2017
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Kaitlyn: The most Beautiful person on the face of the planet. Her eyes have their own language that she only lets certain people learn. If you chose to be friends with her she'll love you forever. BUT. If you annoy her/ piss her off she'll use her Words Of Power (Skyrim Reference) to destroy you. She will do anything for her friends to keep them safe and well and expect nothing in return. If you manage to be the special person she Loves then prepare. Not for the worse. Prepare to be smashed with love. She is constantly trying to outdo you to prove she loves you more. She'll make fun and creative nick names for you such as Boo. If you chose to be her friend she'll be the most Amazing, Kindest, Beautiful, Cute, Fun, Exciting, Caring and Loving person you will ever meet.
Guy one: Woah did you see how that girl is behaving
Guy two: Yea, she must be a Kaitlyn
by SuperSmileySome1 March 25, 2014
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Kaitlyn is the type of person to look up her name in the Urban Dictionary to see the definitions to cheer her up instead of go tell her friends to give them more problems.
If you see a Kaitlyn upset, cheer her up!
by Ehehehehe2323 June 4, 2019
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The most beautiful girl in the world with the greatest smile in the world. She's usually very respectful and loveable. She has a ton of fun with her friends and makes a great gf. Overall Kaitlyn is the best person you'll ever meet
guy 1- you see that beautiful girl over there

guy 2-yeah her names kaitlyn
by kak34 December 11, 2016
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An incredibly smart girl who is loved unconditionally by all of her friends and surrounds herself in happiness and doesn't allow negativity to wreck her life. A Kaitlyn is incredibly beautiful and stunning to everyone who passes her by. A Kaitlyn is usually very fit and committed to staying healthy and wants the best out of life and for everyone in it. She is very popular and life just gets better for a Kaitlyn nobody could have a more perfect name for a human.
Person 1#: who's that chick over there?

Person 2#: oh the beautiful one with the gorgeous brown groomed hair?

Person 1#: yes!

Person 2#: she must be a Kaitlyn <3
by cutefacefatchick September 1, 2014
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Kaitlyn is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She can make you smile whenever and wherever you are. She always makes you feel so special, and every second with her is Heaven. Her hugs are so warm, and she gives you this fuzzy, happy feeling. She is also the best girlfriend one could ever have- any guy who can call her "mine" is the luckiest guy to have ever existed. She is extremely intelligent and hardworking; she never gives up! She is also super cute <3
Person 1: "Whoa, who's that girl?"
Person 2: "Dang, she's a complete goddess! Her name is Kaitlyn."
Person 1: "I'm jealous of the guy next to her!"
Person 2: "Ya dawg, she's way outta all our leagues!"
by Kaitlynlover123 December 19, 2018
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A girl who is awesome, cool, grateful, hot and has a whole lot of self-confidence. She will be cool with almost anything. If you mess with her and push her too hard, she will make sure people know. Shes not a prude but has some common sence as to not put her self out there and be slutty. If you could date a Kaitlyn, you should totally get her before someone else does. Kaitlyns need someone to love and give their affection to, they love to cuddle and be alone with the person they like. Kaitlyns are usually smart, cool and not goody-goodies but they have a nerdy side and a rebel side and usually, a risque side. Kaityns are the best
#1.)Dude, why are you so happy?
#2.)I was just a the mall with Kaitlyn
#1.)No way! How'd you manage to get her?
by swagarific February 11, 2012
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