A magical place with cheep food, dragons, unicorns, and amazingly comfortable furniture.
Guy 1: Dude wanna go to Ikea?
Guy 2: Yeah bro! That place is the shit!
by zoecandeffine September 25, 2011
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Swedish word for particle board.

Also The name of a furniture store that sells junk.
I just got a shelf made out of particle board from IKEA it came in a flat box and was in a thousand pieces, it took me an hour to put the damn thing together but at least it lasted two weeks.
by paulgar December 22, 2008
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A Swedish restaurant, with an additional shopping centre for furniture.
by dinopwn February 01, 2015
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A magical big blue Swedish box responsible for most fights, break ups and injuries.
Me and my (Ex)wife went to IKEA this morning. We fought for hours and I hurt my toe from a flatpack shelf collapsing.
by JoshuaStonefish October 17, 2019
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A Swedish furniture store with literally the best, most modern furniture ever. Super cute curtains and bed sheets if you ever need them. FREAKING AMAZING FOOD...try the chicken strips and swedish meatballs they are delish
A: Hey, you wanna get a new couch?
by Spellerkid21 September 20, 2017
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noun. A very big and boring store, where you will spend more than 10% of your day if you travel with a felmale. Apparently, they love the store and everything from it. For the rest of us, it's a living hell: Babies spend their time in a prison called small-land, where they get pelted by big plasic balls. Teens, are stuck with their parents, or will wander off, leading to a 10 hour search expedition. And Men have to agree with everything in order to get out in two hours (if they are lucky) and watch their wallet grow empty.
In addition, there is the food court, which sells disgusting swedish food-crap-like-ummm...-food.
I want to get out of IKEA ASAP!
by IKEAHATER February 26, 2005
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