A giant maze with furniture inside it.
guy1- Man I got lost in ikea last, i had to find the bedroom section and sleep there for the night.
by jjmchobo May 10, 2011
A large Swedish-based furniture store that sells good quality, modern-styled furniture for much cheaper than most places due to their flat packaging and self-assembled furniture. Ikea stores are sprawling and decorated with an assortment of comfortable furniture arrangements that shoppers can test out, jump on, and go to sleep on. A nice place to shop for good quality and a cozy atmosphere.

Also has a Swedish-based food court, hot dogs, and makes a mean cinnamon bun.
Let's go to Ikea and buy a 6-pack of cinnamon buns and a sofa!
by sploppers August 28, 2006
A furniture company that sends delivery men to your house, whose real purpose is to take a huge dump in your toilet.
The Ikea delivery guy went poop in our bathroom.
by Viewtiful Joe January 20, 2005
best furniture store ever. most of the stuff there is from europe and designed by euorpeans. makes taking your stuff home easy because they use the flat packing method.
i just easily brought my t.v. entertainment center home thaks to ikeas flat packing
by skin May 16, 2005
Ikea The New Place of Worship.
10 Years ago Sunday was for Chapel Now Sunday is IKEA Day.............
by CrazyJedi April 3, 2005
(n)1. The greatest furniture store if you want to get rid of your children.

2. The rules of quality that Ikea stands by is to put it in a million pieces and make all the products just the slightest bit

I've been here for thirty years in this Ikea store, still trying to find my mother in all this furniture.
by YaBoyCheesecake November 6, 2017
A big ass store with a lot of furniture and is always crowded. And some Swedish foods.
"I gotta run to IKEA. I need a new bed"
by Pawleene Pinkieshy August 5, 2015