table is where I sit at and write
drop some beautiful lines while thinking about life

table is always there by my sides
acquiring knowledge with me throughout days and nights
table is sturdy and strong
just like a diamond solid, loyal love where I shall belong
by Infinity® August 28, 2023
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a fuckin table
guy 1: i have a tabel
guy 2: how the fuck did you misspell table
guy fieri: guy fieri
by sexualgrenade March 22, 2022
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A usually flat, horizontal surface, around which people often gather to smoke righteous ganja buds, and to throw their paraphernalia on afterwards, during, and before the action of said smoking. Another interesting and defining feature of tables, is their ability to prevent to loss of the items they hold: yes, if you're ever worried about some important document, or an intricate south asian glass figurine, just find a table to place it on and you;ll know exactly where it is when you next look for it!
Guy 1: "hey dude, im so baked, i can't find anything. where are the weed and intricate south asian glass figurines at?"

Guy 2: " bro, they're on the table. right were you left them."
by landlove March 28, 2011
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a new way to call a girl with a small upper body
Yo bro, she's like a table. She doesn't have anything but legs.
by weedoholic June 4, 2017
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An idiotic person who is often unaware of their own good qualities and insists on complaining about their faults. This results in them becoming extremely annoying.
You're such a table.
by TheSarcasticCatfish February 6, 2017
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Any (and I do man ANY) flat horizontal surface upon which one can arrange powder cocaine or methamphetamine in lines for the purpose of snorting through a straw. Drug users are a curious lot. The same doper chick who carries hand sanitizer around in her purse will do a line off the toilet in a public restroom in a pinch.
Loserdoperchick: "Hey, I scored some powder, you got a table in here?"
Dude: "There's a CD case under your seat, but I thought I told you I didn't want that shit in my car. I've got a job and a reputation, you know? How do you afford it anyway since you're an unemployed junkie?"
Loserdoperchick: "I blew some guy in the bathroom of the last club we were in."
Dude: "Remind me why I put up with you again."
Loserdoperchick: "Because when I'm fucked up, I take it in the ass like a pornstar."
Dude: "Right."
by NotGuilty August 7, 2005
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