'keep chattin' at me and ill place my chrome to your dome, and nick your mobile fone!'
by MC Boonge August 14, 2003
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used in reference to firearms, wheels on a car, or the chemical process to make the parts of a motorcycle shiney.
He pulled out his chrome and took my bike. Damn, I just got it chromed too.
by Panama_Kanal August 26, 2003
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211 (high gravity), the 40 with 8.1% alc that really hits the spot, called chrome due to its silver label
Syler: yo wassup, what are we sipping today? chrome or bacardi?

Jay: forget the bacardi, nothing does it better than chrome

by TD. November 23, 2005
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A nickle plated, semi-automatic handgun. Typically a 9MM, but there are many variations.
Settin' shit straight, 9mm to the dome
Any nigga' wanna feel this chrome, bring his ass on.
by Phased September 3, 2003
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everything above and chrome is also just another word for stainless steel when referred to wheels on a car
by mmx June 15, 2004
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the fool talked shit, so I pulled out my chrome and pumped that fool full of led
by Franklin March 11, 2003
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Another name for 'cool' or 'awesome'

Spread around the Nashville area recently
"They had valet parking at their house party last night!"

"That's chrome, yo!"
by JFreshB May 28, 2009
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