The year after 2004 is 2005
by meme irl February 15, 2018
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2005 was when the last generation of good kids were born. If you were born in 2005 then you probably remember watching Jesse, Spoungebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, and The Backyardians. You probably remember playing with Barbies, Pollypockets, American Girl Dolls, and definitely always wanting more stuffed toys. A lot of 2005 kids are hilarious and have tiktok, which they are probably famous on. 2005 kids were the last set of innocent kids that grew up innocently and didn't get a phone until 6th grade. You are very lucky if you are born in 2005!!
2004 kid: I wish I was born in 2005! My generation sucks!!
by mommymilf November 5, 2019
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A year that was better then most. Sure, there were a few terrorists and some large hurricanes, but all in all one of the best years since 2004.
2005 was so much better then 1925.
by Max Kuhns December 29, 2005
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The year after 2004.
Nuclear war errupted in 2004, and now we're fucked!
by GMONEY$$$ January 8, 2004
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The year of the Spurs.
2005 was the year of the San Antonio Spurs.
by suns are losers April 29, 2010
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only the coolest r born this year
random: what year r u born
me: 2005
random: bruh ur so cool
by allithecreator November 25, 2020
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The year of the insane screaming possessed crazy ass fat bitches.
In the year 2005:
Marguerite Perrin: SHE'S NOT A CHRISTIANUH!!!!!!!!
Fat Bitch in Parking Lot (Norma K): I'M CALLING THE POLICE NOW!!!!!!!!!!! CALL 991 NOW!!!!!!(Skrillix).
by Hynm769 October 1, 2014
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