A pale person that has massive resistance to cold and hardship, like russians but without the poverty.

The males all seem to have enormous dicks, and the females all have nice, firm jugs.

Very friendly and great to be with, even when they are hammered.
"Aren't you cold?
- Nope.
- Are you swedish or something?
- Well, yeah. What's it to you?
- Step a little closer.."
by Arucard November 21, 2004
A language so awesome that the swedish word for "good" is the same as the english word for bra(brassière).
"It is good" is "Det är bra" in swedish.
by BigBallOfPinkFluff December 1, 2009
They own a huge furniture/Swedish restaurant company named Ikea. Their international neighbors are Norway and Finland.
Barney went to Sweden and had some great Swedish beer.
by Bear.. February 17, 2009
A sexual practice when a man puts his erect penis between a pair of large lubricated breasts and pumps until he reaches orgasm thus producing an ejaculation. In California this is called "Russian". Also known as a "tit fuck" or "Swedish fuck". The bigger the breasts the better the act and sensations leading to orgasm.
My wife allowed me to do Swedish on her when she gets her period. Her tits are the largest on that time of month.
by Melinda Goldberg October 11, 2004

1. The people of Sweden (a.k.a Gay World)

2. a Gay language, the language spoken by gay people, closely related to Faggish, and Norwegian.

3. The definition of one's sexuality.

Abbreviation: G A Y
I just found out that my friend is Swedish!
by pussy_fart June 22, 2018