American sourced phrase oft used by blondes, queens and blonde queens to justify their not participating in something, now working its way into general use. The DO is the most emphasised part of the whole phrase.
by ..WiL May 15, 2005
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When you're too good to do something. Refusing to do a certain task, or wear a certain type of clothing because it is beneath you.
I don't do flats. They're trashy.

I don't do garbage. Save it for someone else.
by Just me me me February 20, 2010
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Used to avoid responsibility for some onerous task.
Andy: Karl, the SVN server is bust.
Karl: I don't do that shit.
by CurlyWire October 9, 2006
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"I don't do drugs" is the sixth song on Doja Cat's third studio album "Planet Her". It's about a relationship that you know isn't good for you, but you can't help but go back to that person. They refer to the person that they're in a relationship with as drugs.
Ariana: So, baby, can you get it from the back?
Got me purrin' like I'm Doja Cat

Doja: Had to give in, couldn't give up
I just want you, but I don't do drugs
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What stoners say when they are off of a drug for about 2 weeks before just going back to doing it. People who are serious about quitting probably won't word it that way.
Freind: Lucas wanna go smoke some dro?
Freinds freind: I don't do that shit anymore

1 week later...

1:Lucas wanna go light up?
2: Hell Yeah!!
by kboyz123 March 10, 2011
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West Virginia saying, meaning what, anywhere else, would be, "I'd be happy to do that."
When asked to fix dinner, Sam stated, "I don't care to do that." and began fixing dinner.
by WV transplant February 25, 2012
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1) Often occurs when trying to study or do any work.

2) Often confused with ADHD.
3) Can happen mid-sentence.
4) Power and symptoms often underestimated.
1) You don't stay focused when studying. I'm pretty sure you you have "I don't want to do my work syndrome." or commonly known as IDWTDMWS.
2) You: Doc. I think I have ADHD. I mean I can't focus when I'm working or studying.

Docter: No, you must have IDWTDMWS, or I don't want to do my work syndrome.
3) You writing: Billy is almost.......

You talking: What was that thing I was going to watch?
4) Your working one minute then get distracted and the next thing you know its been 5 hours since you did the thing you

were supposed to be doing.

I don't want to do my work syndrome. (IDWTDMWS) is a very serious thin, don't underestimate it.
by Invisible Bobby June 25, 2020
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